Friends School Gahumbwa Library Project

Can you imagine a secondary school without a library?? This certainly is not acceptable for a girls high school!  Marafiki has been involved with revitalizing schools in rural Kenya since 2013. Our newest project is to build a library for Gahumbwa Secondary Girls school. Without the added resources a library can provide, the girls from Gahumbwa are at a distinct disadvantage to maximize their educational potential while at the school.

Gahumbwa is a village school located in a remote rural area of Vihiga county, western Kenya. Currently, the school has about 500 girls and 14 teachers. Approximately 90% of the girls board and 10% attend as day students. Girls in this region come from extremely poor families, and education is often not supported. The students of Gahumbwa have historically not performed well academically due to the lack of resources. Without a library the girls do not have a place to study, and additional resources are not available for research, or to expand their knowledge of the topics they are studying.

Marafiki has already been at work at Friends School Gahumbwa with installing a computer lab for students, and providing professional development training for teachers. The community of Gahumbwa is committed to partnering with Marafiki to raise at least 20% of the needed funds for this project. Collaboration in this way is integral to Marafiki’s commitment of working with the communities we serve, instead of doing for the communities.

Building a library for Friends School Gahumbwa complete with tables, chairs, shelving, and study areas will help to raise up the vulnerable girl child in this community, and increase their confidence and self-esteem as young women and learners.

Total fund raising effort: $5,000.

View the Gahumbwa Girls Dance Team on YouTube: