Support for Women and Girls

Empowering women economically is beneficial to any community, especially in developing countries. In rural Kenya, reliable and good paying jobs are scarce for both men and women. Many women are also marginalized and mistreated due to alcohol and substance abuse from a spouse or male partner. Assisting women economically aids in their ability to adequately provide the basic needs for their families, including food, shelter, clean water, and school fees, thus positively impacting their lives, as well as the lives of others around them.

One example of helping women has been with the Young Friends Women’s Group. This group was formed by ladies who live in the surrounding area of Muliro village near Kitale, Kenya.

The Young Friends Women’s Group currently has 12 members who have developed their own business ventures such as: farming, raising cattle, shop keeping, and hairdressing. They also collaborate in business together  for growing chickens, beans, maize, and other vegetables.  The ongoing goal of the group is to expand their business to grow more crops of beans and maize which they can then harvest and sell at fair prices to boarding schools in the area.  The schools in turn benefit from a reliable source of quality food in the years to come.

What is especially unique and encouraging about this group is that they also desire to make a positive impact within the community with practical assistance.  They are mentoring students from the local schools,  assisting with other community events, and serving in their local churches.

Women's Group


Ministry to Girls

The Young Friends Women’s group are also taking an active role in ministering to the children and especially girls of Musembe school, which is in their community. The women have taught health and sanitation lessons to the girls, even supplying them with sanitary napkins so the girls can remain in school during their monthly periods.  Most of the girls cannot afford basic supplies so remain at home and miss school during their time of the month. Members of the women’s group also provide ongoing mentoring and leadership training to the girls in the area.

IMG_2007Girls receiving their sanitary supplies

Ministry to Widows

The women’s group has also recognized God’s call to assist the widows in the area. With the assistance of local churches, the women’s group has identified the most needy widows in the region. At least once a year, the women’s group gather together basic food supplies to distribute to the widows.  Nursing students from George Fox University have partnered with the women’s group to provide basic health assessments and vision screening for selected widows of this region. Marafik assists with the funding to carry out this vital ministry in Muliro Village. This ongoing ministry will help to greatly improve the quality of life for the widows of this region.

grandmother cliniceyeglass clinic

Health assessments and vision screening for widows

These are just a few examples of how God is working through Marafiki in rural Kenya. Our supporters play a critical role in these projects. As one woman from the group stated, “God is on our side and continues to bless this vital work”.  Another woman shared that since Marafiki has assisted their group, she now has a business and is able to fully support herself and her family. She now feels empowered and confident as a person.

Ongoing needs:

  • Funds to assist the widows in the region with small income generating projects
  • Funds for sanitary supplies for girls in grades 6-8 in the local villages
  • Funds to assist other women in business ventures
  • Funds to build up their group business