Support for Schools

Musembe Primary School

Musembe Primary School is one school which has benefited from Marafiki’s support. Located in the Muliro Village area near Kitale, Kenya, Musembe school has made great strides academically since performing the lowest in the country in 2012. Through Marafiki’s support and also of the local government, the school now has 7 permanent classrooms which have replaced the original mud ones.

The residents of this area mostly live in absolute poverty. Many of the children are in need basic medical care, including treatment for jiggers, which is a parasite that burrows into the feet.  The girls face additional challenges, with some dropping out of school often due to pregnancy or lack of home support.  Most of the girls are not able to afford sanitary supplies for their monthly periods and often must stay home during those times to avoid embarrassment. These absences from school have a profound impact on their learning.

In addition to the ongoing needs for sanitation supplies, there are not enough desks, books, and basic supplies for learning, nor proper equipment for sports/games.

However, there is hope. Donations to date are beginning to make an impact in the needs of this school. The community is beginning to assist the school, and the Young Friends Women’s Group has developed a mentor program for the grade 8 girls to assist with health education and sanitation supplies. It is a blessing to see how God is working among his people in the U.S. and Kenya to assist with Musembe Primary School.

Professional Development for Teachers

Since 2014, Eloise Hockett has delivered professional development sessions to the teachers from Musembe and other neighboring schools. These sessions have been enthusiastically received from the participating teachers.  The teachers believe these sessions have assisted with improving their school’s academic performance.

Ongoing Projects for Schools

  • Peace education training;
  • Computer labs;
  • Health and sanitation supplies for the girls;
  • High School Scholarships for qualifying girls and boys;
  • Equipment for sports and games;
  • Construction of playgrounds;
  • Ongoing professional development for teachers.